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Zen X- Traction Elevetors

When you need to move a lot of people in a little time- economically, comfortably, and reliably you needa traction elevator. Ideal for medium-rise bulidings. Traction elevator delivers smooth, quick acceleration, energy efficiency and attractive cost for medium-rise bulidings.

Using high quality geared drive machine and VVVF drives, allow these lifts to perform with the highest standard.

Traction systems utilize the advance vector control technology of all digital centralized microprocessor control systems to move alot of people in a very short time.

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Pro X- Machine Room Less Elevators

MRL lifts are traction elevators, that feature a compact motor drive mounted on top of the soft. They dont requried to build seperate elevator machine room.

MRL lifts allow you architectural flexibilty, but they aloso provide fast, powerful and energy- efficient transportation.

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Mod X- Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevatorsprovide the smoothest rides

Hydraulic lifts provide the advantages of being relatively inexpensive, safe and easy to maintain.

Hydraulic elevators have been rated thesafest option for home elevators. They boast superb user friendliness and easy access machine room located at the baement. Once they are putin place, hydraulic elevators provide thesmoothest ridest possibles.

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Hospital Elevators

Hospital Elevators provideeasy transportation of patients and bulky medical equipment such as gumeys, stretchers and wheel chairs. These lifts feature sophisticatedlooks and operated smoothly.

Hospital elevators are available in awide variety,capable of carrying between 15to26 passengers at a time. These elevators usuallyfeature centre-opening,telescopic power operated doors and easyto use for people.

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Goods Elevators

A freight elevator is used to carry goods only, thoughsome of bothto allow operators and those loading goodsalong for ride.

freight elevator are typically larger andcapable of carrying heavier loads than a passenger elevator, generallyfrom 2300 to 4500kg. freight elevator have manually operated doors and often boast rugged interior finishesto prevent damages while loading and unloading.

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Interior & Exterior Elevators

Interior & Exterior elevator has MS Cars and SS Cars, SS Design Cars and Glass cars.

MS elevators are widely used in malls, hotels, villas and apartment.

SS Car elevators are used in malls, hotels, commerical bulidings and residential bulidings.

SS Design elevators are widely used in industrial, residential and commerical establishments.


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