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About MTB

MTB is an ISO 2015 accredited lift company, incoporated in the year 2005. Operating across the whole South India.

We are specialized in our custom engineering drawings, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of all typesof modernized lift equipment and we strictly take care our responsiblity to ensure absolute safety for our passengers

Our Goal is to provide a smooth,convenint and safe ride for all people riding on our elevators & escalators. we are constantly investing to improve our technology, developing new andinnovative products to uphold our company`s values.

We are able to offer fast and reliable services, including 24-hour emergency call out. we pride ourselves on our professional, friendly, approach and long term commitment and alliance to our customers.

Why MTB Lifts Why choose us

  • Sales & Service for Elevators

Our team is professionally & technically trained & equipped in achieving complete customer satisfation

We are committed to conducting our business ethically, legally and in a manner that is fiscally and socially responsible. We take immadiate actions to issues and solve them in a less time .

Customer and Employee Safety is of prime importance in the company's strategy and is visible across all platforms which includes all products, installation sites, offices and factories etc.


Swaying movement is one of the challenges associated with elevators.MTB employs the active roller guide system fitted with sensors that detect these minute movements and generate a movement in the diection, neutralizing the sway.

Best Quality and Support

We are the Vendors at whom your searching Stop and you get best of Product quality and services support.

Best Safety

Power Failure in a buliding, in case of fire accident, Sensors fitted to doors with multi beam sensors that provide protection to passengers, emergency alarm and intercom phone for emergency communication.

Speed Governor

Research for innovative solutionsand rigid controlof product quality are key fetures of our Safeties. Our overspeed governors can coverabroad range of rated loads and speeds and can applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations.